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Creative Curriculum Plan


We have selected an exciting and stimulating set of topics, to cover History and Geography in the new National Curriculum, providing cross-curricular opportunities to branch into other areas. In all our lessons, we encourage children to develop as independent and active learners and we nurture enquiring minds.


English, Maths, Science, RE, PSHE, Art & DT, Computing, and Music are all taught separately, although links are made with our topics wherever appropriate. Enterprise is a further strand of our curriculum, which develops life skills in preparation for the future.


We recognise our responsiblity to prepare children for the complexities of life in modern Britain, and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development unpderpins all of our learning.

Key Stage One classes work on a two-yearly cycle, and Key Stage Two classes operate on a four-yearly cycle.

You can see our History and Geography topics below - for more information about what all of our classes are studying in every subject this term, click here.


Key Stage One



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

2014 -15


New Beginnings / Christmas.


Time Travelling.


Who am I?

My family?

How I have changed,

Toys + Clothes – Victorian to now

Key Events such as the moon landing.

Key people such as Florence Nightingale, Queen Elizabeth 1st and Neil Armstrong



We will be learning where in the world India is.

Would my life be the same in India?

We will be using all of the what we learn to discuss what it would be like to live our lives in India.


What a wonderful world



Orienteering and physical geographical features.


2015 -16


Time Travellers Return

Transport + Buildings

Key events:

Key people: Mother Theresa, Queen Victoria, Christopher Columbus






Key Stage Two




Autumn 2









A  2014-15

What a wonderful World!



Stone Age to 1066


How did this change?

The Awesome Egyptians

Ancient Egypt      Egypt


B  2015-16

Who was the Greatest?

Anglo Saxons, Scots and Vikings 





Groovy Greeks    Who is the 

Why were the     Greatest

Greeks so            Olympian

groovy?                Ever?


Ancient Greece           Olympics



“I’m a Year__      Where

…get me out         would you

of here!”              prefer

Brazil & the          to

Rainforest            live?





C 2016 -17

The power of the Earth

What makes Earth so angry? Volcanoes, tsunamis …

The Rotten Romans – were they so rotten?

The Roman            Impact on

Empire                  Britain &

                              Local areas

How things change!

Local study- Tudors to Elizabethans to Victorians to modern day…


Chatsworth, Haddon, Eyam, Cromford, Lady Bower

Which is our most famous piece of history? Were there any heroes/heroines?


D 2017-18

Water, water everywhere!

River study        Sheffield Steel


Early Islamic Civilization

Marvellous Monarchs

Who was the best?

DistinguishedDerbyshire, Steely Sheffield & other UK locations

Contrasting location:

UK to India


Geographical skills such as fieldwork/map/atlas/compass/human and physical features need to continue to be taught and learnt throughout.

ENTERPRISE to run simultaneously and link with topics where appropriate.

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